Good Lighting Brings in Money

Why Nuriya

Nuriya Makes Savings

Good lighting and significant savings are possible with LED. Therefore Nuriya only includes top quality LED fixtures in its collection. All our fixtures are LED fixtures. LED ensures lower energy and maintenance costs. And a better environment. Discover the benefits of LED..

Benefits of quality LED

  • Uses significantly less power than other lighting
  • Hardly needs maintenance or replacement
  • Is always lit at full brightness instantaneously, also immediately after shutdown
  • The combination of perfect adjustability and dimmability with smart electronics

Unique qualities of LED

  • Increase of efficiency when LED is dimmed
  • Increase of efficiency when it gets colder (inside/outside)
  • Good resistance against (mechanical) vibrations
Nuriya Bespaart

Nuriya Motivates

Nuriya Motiveert

The right light when you and others need it, motivates you to do well. Smart and good lighting lets you easily keep your focus. And because you're focussed, it takes less effort to get more done in less time. That feels good.

Good lighting

  • Stimulates our biological clock
  • Promotes our health
  • Increases our alertness
  • Improves work performances
  • Makes us feel good

A feeling of satisfaction makes us feel invigorated. You do the things you do with more pleasure and your enthusiasm is catchy to others. Thus the world becomes a lot lighter.

Nuriya Helps

Nuriya is a muse of light. She inspires, motivates. Her good lighting helps to make the world a little bit better and more beautiful. At Nuriya, we design, produce and deliver light fixtures with smart electronics. Sometimes we choose a less striking design. Superior technology and top functionality are always number one in our designs.

You can do beautiful things with good lighting

  • Create the desired ambiance at any time
  • Save maintenance and energy costs
  • Make sure your employees are vital
  • Stimulate a better environment

Our greatest wish? That Nuriya inspires you and motivates you to contribute to a more beautiful and better world.

Nuriya Helpt