Vital Company With the Right Lighting

Vital Company

What are the benefits of the right lighting in the work place? Money. Healthy employees. Strong brand identity. Good light = a vital company.

We all spend a lot of time indoors during the day. Often in spaces with incorrect lighting. Just take a look. Artificial lighting that is too strong or not strong enough, is wrong. And so is lighting that lights the wrong areas or causes blinding and mirroring. Incorrect lighting prohibits us from doing things correctly

What is the right lighting? Every sector has specific lighting guidelines. The following applies to every work place: good lighting has the right intensity and lightens the right place at the right time. It doesn't cause blinding or mirroring.

The right lighting enhances your focus. An improved focus makes sure everybody does the right things. If you keep your focus, you do things right!

And doing the right things right, boosts your efficiency. Working efficiently improves your well-being, performance and productivity. The results of the right lighting in the work place? Healthy employees, satisfied customers, fewer expenses. In other words, a vital company.

We all want to work more efficiently and perform well. This is why Nuriya has developed various fixtures for a range of spaces and sectors:

1. Small to medium sized rooms such as offices, workshops, classrooms, showrooms and shops
2. Large spaces, such as sports halls, warehouses, workshops and company halls
3. Spaces with animals, especially dairy barns
4. Spaces for cars: car dealers, car garages and car parks

Do you want a vital company with the right lighting?