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Make a Lasting Impression With Lighting

Strong Appeal

Light determines ambiance. And behaviour and the way you feel. Make sure your company has a strong appeal. Make a lasting impression. With good lighting.

Light influences your behaviour and the way you feel. The intensity, colour temperature and angle of illumination always affect you. This effect can be positive, neutral or negative. Make a positive, lasting impression with the strong appeal of your company. And let good lighting do its work.

How can good lighting achieve something? Light fixtures with warm light contribute to an ambiance of trust. The ideal ambiance to do business in, in an enjoyable manner. High colour temperatures (white light) increase focus and productivity. Rooms with low ceilings feel spacier with the right lighting. High and large rooms or colourless halls and corridors get more stature with playful spotlights.

Nuriya even developed an elegant and sound-absorbing light fixture for perfect acoustics and lighting in sleek, bare spaces.

Expensive designer lamps do not necessarily give good light. But, naturally, looks are also important. However, good lighting is priority no. one: light fixtures with the right intensity and colour temperature in the right place. And yes, accuracy is largely dependent on the activity and time.

A beautiful designer lamp in the wrong place with the wrong intensity and colour temperature gives poor lighting. Poor light has a negative impact on your mood and performance. What a shame of the beautiful lamp. And the money...

Do you want to make an impression? Light fixtures that create the right ambiance day and night and make sure everybody feels good, creating a perfect working ambiance, a strong brand identity and a lasting impression. The right light fixtures in the right place and with the right intensity, give your company a strong appeal.

Do you also want to give your company a strong appeal?