Robust Outdoor Lighting

Robust Indicators

Freezing cold or summer heat. Shocks or vandalism. This robust outdoor lighting will stay on despite all types of weather and conditions.

At dusk, in the evening and at night or in the darker months, we need extra lighting both indoors and outdoors. Robust indicators for our own safety and that of our buildings and possessions.

We include our outdoor lighting under indicators, because the fixtures are secondary. These LED fixtures bravely and quietly defy the forces of nature. They are attached to outside walls, facades, awnings and entrances to help us on our way. They often only come into action when needed, thanks to lighting control systems and lighting management.

Incidentally, you can find all our outdoor lighting also indoors. In areas such as entrances, hallways, corridors, halls and stairwells they safely indicate the route. At the same time they discourage unwanted people from entering.

Robust indicators are not a luxury. Many of these robust wall and ceiling lamps are dust and impact resistant and jet-water protected. This means they are resistant to corrosion, outdoor conditions and vandalism.

Nuriya assures that its outdoor lighting will remain lit under all weather conditions, even under the extreme conditions such as rain, frost or summer heat.
The lighting also remains lit under conditions with a lot of heavy activity. For example crowds during sports matches or events. Or (freight) traffic with vibrations and shocks in crowded parking lots and loading bays.

Outdoor lighting in combination with light control, leads to more safety and ease. Sensors detect movement and the lights are optionally turned on, off or dimmed. Daylight sensors make sure lights light up brighter when the natural light is not sufficient. Pre-programmed timers can dim, switch or light the desired areas. You don't have to think about anything. Everything can be controlled manually or automatically, whatever you prefer.

Realize substantial energy savings straight away with light control. And hence save costs. And the environment.

Do you want outdoor lighting that stays on, no matter what?